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transport aviation

Air transportation is a kind of transportation mode of using aircraft to transport goods under the condition of having air routes and airports. Air transportation can be divided into domestic air transportation and international air transportation. Its advantages are fast transportation speed, high safety and accuracy, less loose package accidents and less packaging cost.

road transport

Highway transportation refers to the use of cars or other means of transportation to carry goods on the road. Highway transportation is mainly by automobile, so it is also called automobile transportation, which is one of the ways of land freight transportation. There are many forms of road transportation, including large, special, heavy objects, container transportation, etc.

Water transportation

Waterway transportation refers to a transportation mode in which ships and other means of shipping are used to carry goods on rivers, lakes, canals and oceans. Waterway transportation can be divided into two ways: inland transportation and sea transportation. The advantages of the method are that the transportation capacity is large and suitable for the transportation of large volume and weight goods.